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  Effective Presentation Skills

From time to time you may be called upon to present to higher management your views, feelings or knowledge. This may be done through a verbal presentation or by writing a report.In either case it is important that you be:

..Short and to the point
..Positive in what you say

The purpose of this is to:
..Convey information
..Make recommendations
..Sell a proposal

Stage 1: Preparation
Your purpose : What is your objective?
Your subject : know your facts/collect useful examples.
Your listeners : know your audience, their attitudes, present knowledge,capacity.
Your time limit : how long have you got?

Stage 2: Shape of Talk
State your proposition : state subject, arouse interest, show
Face the snags : weigh up what is against you, concede flaws
graciously,anticipate objections.
Prove your case : select and highlight strong points
Summary : restate main points, finish on conclusive note.

Stage 3: Delivery
Be natural : no affected voice, distracting mannerisms.
Be confident : know your subject, do not show
Show your evidence : illustrate your facts with examples.
Be enthusiastic : show that you are keen on your subject.
Be friendly : like your audience.

We wish you all the best.....